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Cowboys DC candidate Rex Ryan trashes the Dallas defense

He's a candidate to fix it!

The Football Feed

With the Dan Quinn era with the Dallas Cowboys coming to an end, as he took the head coaching job with the Washington Commanders, the Cowboys are now officially searching for a new defensive coordinator. 

One particular candidate who is on the Dallas radar and has already interviewed for the open position is former New York Jets and Buffalo Bills head coach Rex Ryan, who as you may remember, trashed the Dallas defense following their loss to the Green Bay Packers and defended quarterback Dak Prescott. 

“Don’t you dare blame Dak Prescott for this game, no,” Ryan said after the game. “The defense stunk. I don’t care—Dak Prescott, and I get it … it’s Dak Prescott’s fault. The hell it is. This defense stunk. And that’s, why’d they lose, why’d they look like crap? Why’d they get outcoached? I don’t know. But it points to the defense, period.”

Additionally, the Cowboys interviewed a former employee of theirs in Mike Zimmer. 

Ryan, who has not coached in the NFL since 2016, would certainly be an interesting potential hire for the Cowboys, who are attempting to once again go back to the drawing board after another embarrassing setback in the playoffs.

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