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Cowboys fans will love Brandon Cook's comments

He's the newest member of the team.

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The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys have a brand new wide receiver, having brought aboard Brandin Cooks from the Houston Texans in exchange for draft picks. The move came not long after the Cowboys made the call to part ways with running back Ezekiel Elliott, so naturally, more offensive help was needed. 

And fans are going to love Cooks comments judging by how appreciative he was of the team bringing him on board, as well as his admiration for the franchise.

"Better late than never," Cooks said. "I'm extremely excited. ...I think it's going to be a special place."

While this is the fourth time in his career that Cooks has been traded, he understands that it is part of the business and is happy to know that someone wants him. 

"I've really never gotten upset because that means someone out there wants me to be a part of their group," Cooks said. "I think I'm just fortunate enough to be able to play with so many great organizations and make an impact in this league everywhere I've been. It excites me. I think it's special because that means I didn't get to free agency, so people jumping the gun to get me before I get there. So, that's the way I look at it. I look at it in a positive light."

And needless to say, Cooks is happy to come to a franchise with title aspirations.

"I couldn't be hungrier," Cooks said. "The last three years, it is what it is. ...Definitely fueling the fire and that hunger to come out here, just show up, and help my team win. I can't wait. I truly can't." 

Source: CBS Sports