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Cowboys QB Dak Prescott shuts up his haters!

He's telling them where to shove it!

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The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott is putting together arguably his finest season in the National Football League, and his strong play continued last night as he threw three touchdown passes while racking up an impressive 299 yards as part of his team's 9th win of the year. 

It capped an equally impressive month of November in which Prescott threw for 1,597 yards and 16 touchdowns while completing 68.9% of his passes. And he's well aware of the criticism that's been sent his way, and frankly, he's got no time for those who still doubt him after his performance this year. 

"No difference to when they were hating me and calling for my position, honestly," Prescott stated after the exciting victory over the Seattle Seahawks last night at AT&T Stadium. "I'm blessed, I'm super blessed, and I think about that each and every day that I wake up, I'm grateful for that opportunity to do that, and I go and attack the day."

"I understand nobody's opinion defines me, that's the great part about life and that's the great opportunity that we all have, that people can say whatever they want, but you know I have the pen, I have the paper and I'm the one writing. So, because I'm playing as well as I am now doesn't mean I'm going to stop, doesn't mean I'm going to listen to them now."

Prescott and the Cowboys are off until next Sunday when they host a major divisional battle at home against the visiting rival Philadelphia Eagles. 

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