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Dak Prescott earns massive leverage in contract negotiations

He could get how much?

Michael W.

Take note Cowboys fans, because quarterback Dak Prescott just got more leverage in his upcoming contract. 

The Jacksonville Jaguars have resigned quarterback Trevor Lawrence to a hefty five year, $200 million deal that carries a yearly salary of $55 million and $142 million guaranteed. Thanks to this, Prescott has yet another tool at his disposal in any potential negotiations for a new deal.

In fact, it's been speculated that he could command as much as $60 million a season in his next deal. However, according to Cowboys writer Clarance Hill Jr., no such demand has been made - at least yet.

Will Prescott look for as much as $60 million in his next deal, and should the Cowboys even entertain handing him a deal like that? 

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