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Dak Prescott fires back at Cowboys doubters

Prescott addressed the lack of meaningful moves, and has a message for the Cowboys' doubters.

Michael W.

It's going to be one of the more interesting storylines in the upcoming NFL season - what will the Dallas Cowboys do with quarterback Dak Prescott? 

He's up for a contract extension after the 2024 season concludes, and right now, there hasn't been any progress on a new deal between the two sides. And in the meantime, fans are still wondering where the major additions that were promised earlier this year when team owner/general manager Jerry Jones stated that he was going "all in". 

While the Cowboys did bring back popular running back Ezekiel Elliott after he spent last season with the New England Patriots, their lack of meaningful additions has many questioning whether they're actually a Super Bowl contender. But in the words of Prescott, games are won on the field, not on paper. 

“You don’t just win games with just talent, and you don’t win games on paper and talent is really not decided on paper," he said. "So, I understand what it looks like, what it may look like from that side, understanding the lack of moves that gets done. It creates that... great conversation. I’m confident in the men we have, honestly.”

Does Prescott feel a sense of urgency to deliver a lengthy postseason run that would propel the Cowboys further than they've advanced since the glory days of the 1990s?

“It’s just the urgency that you should always have, to be honest," he replied. "So, maybe guys who normally wouldn’t feel it, feel it. So, I don’t mind it. I’ve been in this position before. I’m a gambling man. Will gamble on myself and my guys.”

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