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Dak Prescott sounds off on CeeDee Lamb's holdout

Will a deal get worked out?

Michael W.

As the Dallas Cowboys are in the midst of OTA's, one notable absence is top wideout CeeDee Lamb, who is holding out in an attempt to secure a more lucrative contract for himself. 

Naturally, he's hoping to land a deal somewhere in the neighborhood of the deal that Minnesota Vikings wideout Justin Jefferson received, a four year, $140 million deal ($110 million guaranteed) that makes him the highest paid non-quarterback in the NFL. 

For quarterback Dak Prescott, who is going to need a new deal of his own, he indicated that he was in contact with Lamb immediately after the Jefferson deal was signed. And as Prescott puts it, Lamb is "handling business".

"Obviously CeeDee’s handling business," Prescott said. "Nobody’s more in his corner than I am, understanding that that’s his chess move and he’s got to do that. I know him, I know he’s been working. As I’ve said, I’ve thrown with him. He’s just fine.”

Meanwhile, head coach Mike McCarthy had the following to say of Lamb, who has the potential to rack up hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines for his absence: 

“He’s played at such a high level," McCarthy said. "Just really maintaining the standard and what a standard he established last year. So, I think just playing to the standard that he’s created and we all have a responsibility too to make sure those opportunities are in place but also, boy, what opportunities it creates for others because of the standard that he’s established.”

Will a deal get worked out between the two sides, and how much of the salary cap will it take up? 

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