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Dak Prescott threatened with massive “legal battle”

Prescott had been facing legal scrutiny.

Michael W.

A major sigh of relief is being breathed by Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott, who had been facing an allegation of sexual assault. 

The charges have been dropped owing to a lack of evidence, according to Dallas Police spokeswoman Kristin Lowman.

“An investigation was conducted and the case is closed," she reported. "Detectives determined there was insufficient evidence an offense was committed.”

Meanwhile, Prescott's attorney released a statement of thanks. 

“I want to thank the Dallas Police Department and Dallas County District Attorneys’ office for their thorough investigation of the allegations against Dak Prescott,” Levi McCathern said in a statement. “As we knew they would, they found nothing in their extensive exploration of the facts that would support a criminal prosecution.” 

However, in the words of Yohel Zehaie, the attorney of Victoria Shores, things are just getting started. 

“Unfortunately, it takes a while for victims to come out and that can make it very difficult to prosecute these cases,” Zehaie said in an email to The Star-Telegram. “We thank DPD for their efforts and this is in no way an exoneration of Mr. Prescott.

“In fact, we believe that the investigation showed there were inconsistencies with Mr. Prescott’s story and are moving forward with the counterclaims we have filed. This is not the beginning of the end but the end of the beginning in what will be a long legal battle for months to come.”

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