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Dak Prescott warns the rest of the NFL!

Officially on notice!

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The Dallas Cowboys are NFC East champions, and are now preparing to face the Green Bay Packers at AT&T Stadium in what they hope will be just the stepping stone to bigger and better things in the postseason. 

However, Prescott was not among the players ho were wearing official NFC East champion merchandise afterward, and there's a deeper reason why. 

“It’s a huge accomplishment, but focus is ahead," Prescott said.

“I’m good. I want something better.”

“Dak Prescott isn’t wearing his NFC East title hat or shirt,”’s Patrik Walker detailed in a January 7, 2024 message on X, formerly Twitter. “He says he’s not doing it to send a message, but he explained his current mindset: ‘We’ve won [the East] before. The focus is ahead. Simple as that. I want something better.’”

It's clear that the mindset that Prescott possesses this season is different, and he's keen on helping the Cowboys advance further in the playoffs. 

“This is huge. Been a great year,” Prescott told Fox Sports’ Erin Andrews during a January 7 postgame interview. “Obviously, as you said, battled the last four games. Finished the right way.

But Prescott has bigger and better things on his mind, because he knows better than anyone that a division title is meaningless without subsequent postseason success to accompany it. 

He and the Cowboys will battle the Packers starting on Sunday afternoon at AT&T Stadium. 

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