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Dallas Cowboys once again make financial history!


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The Dallas Cowboys have been owned by the enigmatic Jerry Jones since his purchase of the franchise for $140 million from team owner and friend H.R. “Bum” Bright. Of course, the team is worth a bit more these days. 

The Cowboys are currently valued at a cool $8 billion, making them the most valuable sports franchise not only in the NFL, but in the entire world. And if Jones wanted to sell the team, he believes that he could net an even larger return. In fact, Jones believes that the Cowboys are worth up to $10 billion! 

And once again, the Cowboys have made financial history. According to a new report from CBS Sports, they're the only team to make over a billion dollars in profit over a three year period. The list was comprised by Forbes of all four North American professional sports leagues along with professional soccer clubs worldwide. 

The top 10 in Forbes' most profitable sports teams in the last three years are as follows:

  1. Dallas Cowboys - $1.171B
  2. New England Patriots - $623M
  3. Tottenham Hotspur - $414M
  4. New York Knicks - $404M
  5. Manchester United - $403M
  6. Houston Texans - $356M
  7. Golden State Warriors - $348M
  8. New York Giants - $333M
  9. Los Angeles Lakers - $333M
  10. Manchester City - $329M
  11. Los Angeles Rams - $318M
Source: CBS Sports