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Darren Woodson warns Cowboys players of Mike Zimmer

Zimmer is once again back with the Dallas Cowboys

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The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys made things official this week, bringing back former employee Mike Zimmer to serve as the team's defensive coordinator following the departure of Dan Quinn to the Washington Commanders. 

And former Cowboys safety Darren Woodson has come forward with a story involving him and Zimmer to serve as a preview of what current Cowboys players can expect from him.

"He sat me down and we pulled out the tape and we went over every one of my bad plays from the previous year," Woodson recalled. "It was terrible. Here I was thinking I was a pretty good player and he wanted to go over all of the things I didn't do well the year before. I hated that. I didn't sleep for four or five days. But it made me better." 

Essentially, Woodson is giving warning to current Cowboys players that Zimmer is not there to be their friend.

"Toughness. A toughness and a shock to the system for sure," Woodson said. "He's going to do it in a way where you're going to have to be tough and show up to practice with a tough mindset. He's going to challenge you. He's not going to be their friend. He's going to put you in positions where you're probably not going to like him, but you're going to respect him."

"He's just a damn good coach. He shows up and puts the time in. You know he's putting the work in," Woodson said. "He's a believer in his system. He's a firm believer in what he does. There's no backing up, dude. He's not playing on his heels. There's nothing soft here. He's going to come and bring a toughness to that team."

However, it's a good thing in Woodson's mind that a new voice is coming into the dressing room to help make the players "uncomfortable", but in a positive way.

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