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Demands for Steelers to fire Mike Tomlin roll in

Does Pittsburgh need to make a massive change?

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Despite the fact that the Pittsburgh Steelers missed the postseason for the first time in three years, good news for longtime head coach Mike Tomlin is that he can once again hang his hat on the fact that he led his team to a winning season at 9-8 overall while overcoming a poor start that was marred with injury woes. 

That's 19 straight years where they've enjoyed a record at the .500 mark or better.

However, it looks was though the tide could be starting to turn against him. Following Pittsburgh's latest disappointing loss over the weekend at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals, multiple calls for his job began coming in - including from The Fan's Chris Dunlap, who believes that Tomlin's time in Pittsburgh has simply run its course, much like Andy Reid and the Philadelphia Eagles. 

“Mike Tomlin’s time in Pittsburgh now is very similar to Andy Reid’s end in Philadelphia. It’s just time. Change the scenery. Change coach. If he goes somewhere else and has success, so be it. Who cares. But it’s stale here,” said Dunlap on X (formally Twitter).

Meanwhile, former Steelers guard Trai Essex, who made sure to announce his love for Tomlin, couldn't shy away from describing the product on the field as "bad".

"I am legit trying my best to be even keel and not over react, but the non competitive product we put on the field today is an indictment vs Tomlin," he said. "That’s just being real. I love my coach. He usually gets the most out of guys. But this is bad. Plain and simple."

Is the clock ticking on Tomlin's time with the Steelers? 

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