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Denver Broncos unveil new uniforms!

The new look for the Broncos has been released!

Michael W.

For the first time in almost 30 years, the Denver Broncos are unveiling new uniforms, and they've now been made public.

Being described as the "Mile High Collection", the new look was released to fans this morning: 

“I’m incredibly excited,’’ said Broncos President Damani Leech. “It’s a fresh take on our uniforms as a primary set, so it’s not a dramatic departure from where we’ve been. We have great colors, great logo and uniforms. It’s a refresh that I think it’s really exciting.”

“They were made for Broncos Country,’’ said Hailey Sullivan, the Broncos’ chief marketing officer. “We’ve infused the heart of the fan throughout. Hopefully you’ve picked up on how purposeful (we were). We wanted to infuse the fandom throughout — from the helmet to the fabric to every aspect of the jersey to the whole closet. I’m really excited. It’s for Broncos Country.”

Source: 9 News