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Derrick Henry exposes the Dallas Cowboys

He thought it was a good fit!

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Former Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry hit free agency and agreed to a two-year contract to join the Baltimore Ravens, but as he puts it, they weren't the team on his list he was hoping to play for.

Henry recently stated that he would have loved to have played for the Dallas Cowboys. Only one problem, though - they never reached out to him to make an offer. 

"I knew once free agency started that I wanted to work something out [with the Ravens] if we could," Henry said recently on The Pivot podcast. "Even though I'm living in Dallas and Dallas being a perfect situation, as well, because we lived there, we ain't got to move. But at the same time, Ravens, the history of it, and then talking to Ray (Lewis) at the Pro Bowl, his passion about the organization, his impact there and how he talked about it. I was like, man, if I'm not in Tennessee or I don't get to go to Dallas, I'd love to be a Raven."

"They ain't holla at me at all," he said of the Cowboys. 

"It would've been crazy," he said. "I thought it'd been some type of reach out, some type of talks or whatever. They never reached out, you know what I'm saying? I don't really know too much about their organization. All I know is what I hear. I was talking to my agent. They weren't really interested. It is what it is. Like I said earlier, I'm gonna be where I'm gonna be, and I feel like Baltimore was the perfect spot."

Henry has eclipsed over 1,000 rushing yards in five of his past six seasons, and could have been considered an ideal fit for Dallas, who are reportedly looking to bolster their running game. However, apparently they were never interested. 

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