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Did Tom Brady just admit to “Deflate-gate”?

The NFL legend dropped a line that has everyone talking!

Michael W.

Did NFL legend Tom Brady just admit to the infamous "Deflategate" that dogged his career during his days with the New England Patriots? 

During last night's roast, Brady seemed to allude to his involvement in the notorious incident that led to a four-game suspension during the 2014-15 NFL season. He and the team faced accusations of illegally deflating footballs to gain an advantage during the AFC Championship game against the Indianapolis Colts. The Patriots convincingly won the game 45-7, with Brady throwing three touchdown passes.

Following an investigation, Brady was suspended for four games, while the Patriots had to forfeit a pair of draft picks while also paying a $1 million fine. 

"We got so many great football greats tonight. But where’s Roger Goodell? Remember Deflategate?" Brady asked. "The NFL spent $20 million and found that it was more ‘probable’ than not that I was ‘generally aware’ that someone may have deflated my footballs. You could’ve just given me the $20 million and I would’ve just told you I f---ing did it."

The comment drew one of the loudest cheers from the audience, many of whom were Brady's former teammates along with other former NFL legends and celebrities. 

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Source: UPI