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Emmitt Smith asks Cowboys to take Ezekiel Elliott back!

Should they heed his request?

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The Football Feed

While the Ezekiel Elliott era with the Dallas Cowboys is over, there is one legendary former member of the franchise who believes that the team needs to bring him back.

Emmitt Smith made no bones about the fact that he believes the Cowboys should give Elliott another chance despite having posted his worst career numbers in 2022 and being subsequently released from the team during the offeseason - especially given the uncertainty with RB Tony Pollard's health. 

"I think Dallas needs to bring back Zeke if they can," Smith opined. 

“With the uncertainty of Pollard being able to come back, being the Tony Pollard that we all know, that is yet to be seen,” Smith said. “Until that is proven itself out, and he’s healthy enough to get out there and carry the football in some form of who he used to be, that is my biggest concern." 

Right now, Pollard continues his recovery from a broken fibula that he suffered during the playoffs. However, he was rewarded for his strong 2022 by the Cowboys with having the franchise tag placed upon him. 

As of right now, Elliott hasn't been able to garner enough interest from another NFL team to get them to take a chance on him, and there are many who are speculating that the Cowboys could even be toying with the idea of bringing him back despite having cut ties. 

Will they end up doing what franchise legend Emmitt Smith desires and re-sign Elliott for the upcoming 2023 NFL season? Why or why not?