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Emmitt Smith blasts Cowboys for releasing Ezekiel Elliott

He's speaking his mind!

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By now, you've heard the news that the Dallas Cowboys have made the crucial decision to move on from running back Ezekiel Elliott, whom they drafted with their 1st round selection in the 2016 NFL Draft. While Elliott has been a principal member of the Dallas offensive attack over the years, he's run into injury troubles and also posted the lowest stats of his career in 2022. 

Reaction to the move has been mixed, as quarterback Dak Prescott admitted that he was "hurt" by the Cowboys decision. And there's a key former member of the Cowboys that isn't exactly pleased about the decision, either.

Cowboys legend Emmitt Smith blasted the Cowboys for releasing Elliott, calling it a case of "no love": 

"Wow, this is amazing to me — no disrespect to Malik Davis. Our starting running back is gone, and his backup has a broken leg?" Smith wrote on Instagram. "The NFL stands for not for long. Everyone else, go get your money because they have no love for you."

"Thank you Z for giving everything you have including [playing] injured all of last year," Smith wrote.

Elliott's 8,262 rushing yards and 68 touchdowns are both good for 3rd all time in Cowboys franchise history. Did they make a mistake by parting ways with him?