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Emmitt Smith blasts the Dallas Cowboys

The Hall of Fame legend is not happy!

The Football Feed

Former Dallas Cowboys running back Emmitt Smith, who was inducted into the Hall of Fame thanks to his numerous accomplishments during his career, has reached a breaking point with the franchise that he helped win three Super Bowls during their dynasty days of the 1990s. 

Of course, it goes without saying that the championship drought for the Cowboys dates back to 1996, and fans are getting anxious to experience football's ultimate glory again. But as they have now so many times in recent memory, the Cowboys failed to get the job done when it mattered most, with their latest setback coming in the form of a humiliating loss at AT&T Stadium to the Green Bay Packers last month. 

"It is borderline embarrassing," Smith explained of the championship drought and the latest playoff collapse. 

"I’m done," Smith said when asked about his frustration. He added, “It’s almost like when I think about what I’ve experienced over the last year with the Cowboys, I’ve never been at this place, at the place I’m at right now."

“We have the talent," he said. "We just got to do things a little bit differently and focus on things a little bit differently than what we’ve been doing."

However, he seemed to endorse the hiring of Mike Zimmer, who was brought back to the organization that he once worked for to serve as defensive coordinator after the departure of Dan Quinn.

“I cannot wait to give him a big hug because I think we need some of that old school tradition brought back into the mix," Smith said.

Smith suited up for the Cowboys from 1990-2002 and then spent the last two seasons of his NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals.

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