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Ex-Steelers executive blasts Mike Tomlin

He did not hold back.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

The Pittsburgh Steelers dropped another disappointing game on Thursday, falling to the struggling New England Patriots at Acrisure Stadium and seeing their record drop to 7-6. 

Head coach Mike Tomlin seemed confident that his team would bounce back in their next game, stating that it's simply what they do. However, that confidence didn't sit very well with former Steelers Director of Football Operations Doug Whaley, who took Tomlin to task over his words vs. what actual results. 

"He said this is what they do and this is what they've done is at home get beat by inferior teams," Whaley said. "Then he said this is who we are. Tell me, coach, who are you? Who are you on offense? Who are you on defense? Offense, you have no identity. Defense, the strength of your team has let your team team down the last two games. So to me, when he says those statements, I've got to have a follow-up question. Please explain more because I don't know. The fans don't know and the biggest question is do the people in that locker room know who they are?"

Despite a Super Bowl victory and a pair of AFC Championships during his tenure as Steelers head coach, fans are getting understandably impatient with how things are unfolding with Tomlin at the helm, and many have begun calling for his job. 

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