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Ezekiel Elliott sounds off on return to Cowboys

Zeke is back in town!

Michael W.

What was rumored for the last several days has now officially taken place, as the Dallas Cowboys have brought back fan favorite running back Ezekiel Elliott. 

He returns to the Cowboys after having spent last season with the New England Patriots; he was cut by Dallas after six years with the team after having been drafted in Round 1 from the Ohio State Buckeyes. 

And according to the man affectionately known as "Zeke", it was his priority to do what he could to make a return to his original NFL home. 

“This was my priority. Doing what I could do to get back here,” Elliott said told Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “I have a lot left to accomplish here. I’m excited to get back with the fellas and chase that ring.”

“I think I’m good,” Elliott said. “My body felt really good last year. My body felt good all of last year. I got my physical. My PCL looks to be healed. So health wise, I think that I’m definitely better than when I left. I got the chance to start down the stretch last year. I felt comfortable in that role.I’m looking forward to doing what I need to do for this team.”

WIth a total of 8,262 yards on the ground, Elliott is ranked 3rd overall in team history in rushing yards. 

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Source: Bolavip