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Fans rip Cam Sutton's tone-deaf response to domestic abuse incident

He's back in Pittsburgh, but not everyone is happy.

Michael W.

By now, you've heard the news that CB Cam Sutton has returned to the Pittsburgh Steelers with a one year contract; he played last season with the Detroit Lions but was released from his contract after an alleged incident of domestic violence involving his girlfriend. 

Sutton broke his silence on what was reported to take place, and the explanation isn't exactly sitting well with Steelers fans. 

“It’s an opinion-based world,” Sutton said. “Everyone moves on the basis of not knowing, but feeling the presence or the space to speak. That’s give or take, however it goes. My job is not to appeal to someone else. My job is to be the best version of myself and how do I give that off to the masses or give it off to everyone around me. I’m in full control of that. I’m never worried about a narrative. 

“I’m never worried about what necessarily people say because, obviously, more than likely, they don’t know me more than anybody else. You know what I mean? And again, it gets back to just your foundation, your morals, who you are individually as a human being, and just what you stand on. Holding my head high. Again, everybody goes through adversity. Everybody goes through things in their life that can change in both directions. So it’s all about how you stand on that and what you do from that. And like I said, I’m ready to keep moving in the right direction. Everything else will keep falling in line, and we will just keep moving from there.”

Needless to say, fans weren't exactly receptive to Sutton's explanation of what took place, with many calling him out for failing to take responsibility and offer an apology. 

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