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Foot amputation possible for Cowboys legend Deion Sanders

He continues to experience blood flow problems.

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys legend Deion Sanders, who is now the football coach of the University of Colorado Buffaloes, has already undergone surgery to have his big toe and second toe amputated thanks to complications from blood clots running up and down his leg. 

And now, they unfortunately may have to go further. Sanders may have to have his entire foot amputated, accord to surgeons at the University. 

“You just have to understand what the risks are,” vascular surgeon Donald Jacobs told Sanders during an interview. “Things can cascade.”

He also added that Sanders "could lose the foot". 

“I want to do it this summer, because when we get rolling, I’m not going to have time to do it,” Sanders told his doctors. “This is the best down time I have.”

Sanders helped the Cowboys win Super Bowl XXX, and has also played for the Atlanta Falcons, San Francisco 49ers, Washington Redskins and Baltimore Ravens during his career. He racked up a total of 512 tackles with 53 interceptions, along with 2,199 punt return yards. 

He also earned 8 Pro Bowl nominations while also being named to the NFL All-1990's team.