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George Pickens admits to pulling “all-nighters”

Talk about dedication to his craft!

Michael W.

3rd year wide receiver George Pickens is dedicated to his craft, so much so that he admits that he sometimes even pulls "all-nighters". 

During an interview with Jason Mackey of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette at the UPMC Rooney Sports Complex, Pickens said sometimes that he goes without sleep. 

“I don’t take a lot of time off,” Pickens said Tuesday . “Sometimes I don’t even sleep. I’ll pull all-nighters, just thinking about football.”

“It’s for the team, the collective,” Pickens continued.  “Sometimes I’m only repeating what other guys are saying. It’s just about communicating it to the quarterback.

“That’s a good thing as well, getting on the same page as the quarterback. The biggest thing is chemistry.”

Pickens has also been busy in his offseason training and is excited to work under both Russell Wilson and Justin Fields, and knows there will be benefits for the team regardless of who is ultimately getting the start. 

“I feel like it can benefit a lot,” Pickens said. “With this type of mindset or scheme, my job is to just get open.”

What kind of season are you anticipating from Pickens and the Steelers this year? 

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