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Heroes tackle shooter at Chiefs Super Bowl parade

They should be given season tickets!

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It was a frightening scene yesterday during the Super Bowl LVIII victory parade for the Kansas City Chiefs, as gunfire erupted near the end of the rally next to historic Union Station in downtown Kansas City. The bad news is that one person was killed and over a dozen injured, but as we typically always see, there were bystanders who faced the danger with incredible bravery. 

Video clips that have since gone viral show a group of bystanders tackling one of the shooting suspects to the ground: 

During an interview with “Extra’s” Billy Bush, the fan, who was identified as Trey Filter of Wichita, said that he simply responded like he thought he should. 

“Thank you for that flattering compliment, but I simply responded. I didn't think much. There was a big commotion. They're yelling, ‘Get him!’ I looked to my left, I see a flash of people running and I got lucky and got the right guy. I remember when I tackled him thinking, ‘I sure hope this poor guy is it.’”

He went on, “At that point, I was under the impression that he was still armed. I'm not sure — he possibly still could have been — however, the gun, one of the guns or the gun they were talking about, had fallen during the tackle and my beautiful wife here was able to grab that gun and pull it away.”

What a true hero that Filter is, risking his life to make sure that nobody else was injured! 

Source: Extra TV