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Ian Rapoport worries Cowboys fans with latest prediction

This would represent a major change to the organization.

Michael W.

It would be a strange sight to see someone other than Dak Prescott carrying the responsibility of starting quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, but as each day passes without a new contract for him, the chances of that happening only grow larger. 

It looks like Prescott and the Cowboys are going to be playing a game of chicken with one another to see who blinks first when it comes to a new contract - and according to NFL analyst Ian Rapoport, it wouldn't be surprising to see him depart the only franchise he's ever known. 

“The contract is a big deal,” Rapoport said. “As it stands right now, Dak Prescott heading into the final year of his contract with the kind of leverage that we have rarely seen a quarterback have. the Cowboys cannot trade him, they cannot franchise him. If they don’t do a deal with him, he’s going to be a free agent.

“Will he sign with the Cowboys after they let him be a free agent? I guess anything’s possible but certainly hard to imagine there.”

Cowboys fans, what is your level of worry with regard to the future of Prescott in Dallas? 

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