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Jared Goff's contract has major effect on Dak Prescott's future

Just how will the new mega deal affect the Cowboys quarterback?

Michael W.

The Detroit Lions came within a victory of their very first Super Bowl appearance in franchise history, and they've since locked up quarterback Jared Goff to a hefty four year, $212 million deal that carries an AAV of $53 million. 

And as you know, the Dallas Cowboys are likely entering this season with quarterback Dak Prescott playing on the final year of his current deal, with no extension on the horizon. And in the words of one unnamed NFL general manager, Goff's deal will have a major effect on Prescott's future.

The GM, speaking under the condition of anonymity, pointed out the fact that Prescott just gained some massive leverage in negotiations thanks to Goff's new deal. 

“Goff’s contract puts Dallas in a tough spot,” the GM said. 

“Goff has a 5-4 record with a Super Bowl berth,” he continued. “Prescott is just 2-5 in the playoffs and hasn’t even gotten to the NFC Championship Game. The object of the game is to win the Super Bowl, so, Dallas must decide if Dak can win the Super Bowl and pay him accordingly.”

Meanwhile, a prominent player agent also speaking under the condition of anonymity said that if Prescott were his client, the smart move would be to wait until other deals got done. 

“If I were representing Dak, we probably wouldn’t want to do something right now,” the agent explained. “The smartest thing to do is to wait until all these other quarterbacks get deals done and then just go and top them all." 

Will Prescott and the Cowboys get something worked out, or could he potentially be playing elsewhere in 2025? 

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