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Jerry Jones admits the difficult truth for Cowboys

It's the reality of today's NFL.

Michael W.

There are several difficult decisions coming up for the Dallas Cowboys regarding several of their cornerstone pieces, many of whom are going to be needing new contracts in the near future. 

Quarterback Dak Prescott and wide receiver CeeDee Lamb are up for new deals, while defensive end Micah Parsons will need a new contract after his current one expires following the 2025 season. 

But for team owner and general manager Jerry Jones, signing one or both of those players is going to require some sacrifices in other areas. 

“Our rules of this game is to have a salary cap,” Jones said. “There’s no question we’ve been operating on the credit card. That’s how we’ve had Dak Prescott plus his great supporting cast around him for the last three or four years… So if you decide to have a key player and you pay him to that extent, then he’s going to have less supporting cast around. Look around. That’s the way it works.

“We have known that you were going to basically have to have less in order to have some of the players that we want to have at the prices they are. You got to have less supporting cast. There’s no getting around it.”

It really is the unfortunate truth that teams operate with the salary cap, which can often hinder their ability to sign all of their top talents. 

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