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Jerry Jones announces how Cowboys will beat Eagles

Clash of the division titans tonight!

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The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys are facing a stiff test tonight against the division rival Philadelphia Eagles, and it certainly isn't lost on team owner and general manager the caliber opponent that the Eagles present. 

“Boy, we recognize what an outstanding team [Philadelphia is] — their record speaks for itself,” Jones said on 105.3 The Fan. “And they’re that kind of team. For us to go out here and beat them, it’s going to have to be a Herculean effort. It can be [done], we can do it, of course. And if we do, we’ll have the uplift and we’ll have the reward to go with that.”

Meanwhile, the Cowboys have rallied behind head coach Mike McCarthy, who underwent a procedure to remove his appendix earlier in the week.

“We’re just glad he’s healthy, at the end of the day, but this week has enough motivation and things entailed within — I guarantee you Mike would say the same thing,” Prescott said. “That’s why I alluded to him being pissed off probably, but this team — the discipline that we have, the emotional intelligence that we have — we understand he’s gotta take care of that. Part of being a human.

“That’s a credit to the way he coaches us when he tells us to take care of the things away from here, so that when we come in we can all focus on the same goal. Everybody understands what this week means.”

He added: “It’ll be a good gift to him. When we get this one like,’ You got that taken care of, and here’s your big dub.’”

Tonight's game will begin from AT&T Stadium shortly after 8:20 PM EST. Can the Cowboys earn their 10th win of the season against their division rival? 

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