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Jerry Jones announces why Jimmy Johnson is heading for Ring of Hnor

Jimmy finally takes his rightful place!

The Football Feed

It wasn't the easiest of splits between head coach Jimmy Johnson and the Dallas Cowboys after it was reported that he wanted more control over personnel decisions - something that team owner and general manager Jerry Jones wasn't willing to relinquish. Johnson was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2020; however, he's yet to be inducted into the Cowboys Ring of Honor, and fans were rightfully wondering when that day would finally come.

They got their answer over the weekend, as it was announced by Jones ahead of their game against the Carolina Panthers that Johnson would finally be inducted in late December.

"It feels right," Jones said.

“First of all, I really thought it was time and I wanted to do it this year," Jones continued. “I wouldn’t have wanted that to linger any longer at all."

“Had I had the maturity I stand here with today in my role, we might’ve passed some of this stuff." 

For Johnson, he says there were never any hard feelings.

“My feelings for Jerry have never changed," Johnson said of Jones. “I love the guy. He is a big, big part, maybe the biggest part, for my entire career and I’m very appreciative."

Johnson led the Cowboys to back to back Super Bowl wins in 1992 and 1993, and now he's taking his rightful spot in the Cowboys Ring of Honor. The ceremony will take place prior to Dallas facing the Detroit Lions on December 20. 

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