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Jerry Jones heading right back to court

The latest legal development for the Cowboys owner and general manager.

Michael W.

Jerry Jones, the owner and general manager of the Dallas Cowboys, is heading back to court as a plaintiff in the case against the woman who had previously filed suit against him and alleged that he is her biological father. The case that will be heard by a jury brought by Jones stems from his allegation that the woman and her mother breached an agreement that is over two decades old. 

According to Jones' complaint, the woman and her mother breached a contract when they publicly stated that Jones was her biological father. 

“It’s a case where the judge has given it very, very thorough and careful attention and we’re looking forward to trying the case not as much for the money, although there’s significant money involved, but rather to uphold the fact that when you make a deal and one side lives up to the deal as Mr. Jones did, the other side should too,” Jones’s attorney Chip Babcock told Ferguson on Monday. “Our view is that they didn’t live up to it and we did.”

“As the direct — and intended — result of their disclosures, articles discussing the settlement agreement and allegations about Jones’s private life flooded the internet,” the lawsuit says.

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