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Jerry Jones sounds off on Cowboys officiating controversy vs. Detroit

Saturday night's game wasn't without controversy.

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Saturday night's victory over the Detroit Lions didn't go without a little bit of controversy at AT&T Stadium for the Dallas Cowboys. 

With just 23 seconds remaining in regulation, the Lions scored a touchdown to come back within a point of the Cowboys. And as is his custom, Lions head coach Dan Campbell elected to go for the win rather than playing it safe and kicking a field goal for the tie.

And the successful play that saw quarterback Jared Goff fire a perfect pass to offensive lineman Taylor Decker proved to be the winning play of the game - until the play was reversed after referee Brad Allen determined that Decker never appropriately informed him that he was an eligible receiver despite video evidence showing otherwise. 

The Lions would then try two more times for the two-point conversion, gaining a third chance after Micah Parsons was whistled for a penalty. Detroit's attempts proved fruitless, and the Cowboys held on for yet another victory at home.

For team owner and general manager Jerry Jones, he described the ending of the game as "fuzzy".

"I can't believe the convoluted way that we ended up winning that game," Jones said Tuesday on KRLD-FM in Dallas, via Clarence Hill Jr. of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. "But let me put it like this: The defensive team is supposed to know who the eligible receivers are. Anything you do to fuzzy that up can get fuzzy for you."

Despite the late game errors, Cowboys defensive coordinator Dan Quinn remains confident in his defense. 

"This is a group I really trust in that scenario," he told the media Monday. "They've built that trust with me over the last three years. Am I happy with the results over the last two weeks? Hell no. But to say anything different, I would do, of course, maybe a call here or there, but nothing big that would be changed."

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