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Jerry Jones to sell Dallas Cowboys?

He can't keep running the team forever.

The Football Feed

The Dallas Cowboys have been owned by the enigmatic Jerry Jones since his purchase of the franchise for $140 million from team owner and friend H.R. “Bum” Bright. Of course, the team is worth a bit more these days. 

The Cowboys are currently valued at $6.5 billion, making them the most valuable sports franchise not only in the NFL, but in the entire world. And if Jones wanted to sell the team, he believes that he could net an even larger return. In fact, Jones believes that the Cowboys are worth up to $10 billion! 

Of course, Jones isn't getting any younger at 81 years of age, and he can't keep running the team forever. He's remained adamant that he'll never sell the team, but could that change? 

According to the polarizing Craig Carton, Jones will sell the team "within two years". 

"It's as clear as day to me that Jerry Jones will sell the Dallas Cowboys within the next two years,'' Carton said. "He will not own the team beyond the next two years, because this ain't Jerry Jones, and Jerry Jones can't go out like that, because that's not what Jerry Jones is all about."

Not surprisingly, the last time that he was directly asked about the prospects of selling, Jones insisted that wasn't a possibility.

 "I'll say it definitively," he said. "I will never do it. I will never sell the Cowboys. Ever."

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