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Jerry Jones wants to take Cowboys international!

An international date coming up?

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While the Dallas Cowboys will not get the chance to host the 2027 Super Bowl at AT&T Stadium, team owner and general manager Jerry Jones remains hesitant to have his team play a home game somewhere other than the friendly confines of their home turf in Arlington. 

"I'm very reluctant to move a home game from here to there," Jones said about playing internationally. "We have a lot of fans. It fits for a lot of clubs, it doesn't fit for the Cowboys as much. We got the highest attendance in the NFL, of course. When we don't have a game here, it makes a big difference."

And while Jones is reluctant to take away a home game at AT&T Stadium from the fans in Texas, he knows where he would prefer to play should there be an international date. 

"When we aren't playing here, I want to be in Mexico City," he said. "Period. Mexico City is good and close. If I'm going international, I want to play in Mexico City. Mainly because of our fans and our following and the affinity that we get here back home in the United States."

"When we go there on any basis, we increase the affinity for the Cowboys with our hispanic fan base in the United States. That's where we want to be."

But he remains set on the destination of Mexico should the Cowboys ever play another international game. 

"We don't want to give a home game up to go play a game someplace else," he said. "We can make it work under certain circumstances when we're the visiting team. We can make that work. If we do give up anything, I want it to be Mexico."

How would you like to see the Cowboys play a game south of the border in Mexico?

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