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JUST IN: Jerry Jones to sell the Cowboys!

End of an era!

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The Football Feed

Made you look! Happy April Fool's Day! 

As you may know, the Cowboys have been owned by Jerry Jones since his purchase of the franchise for $140 million from team owner and friend H.R. “Bum” Bright. Of course, the team is worth a bit more these days. 

The Cowboys are currently valued at $6.5 billion, making them the most valuable sports franchise not only in the NFL, but in the entire world. And if Jones wanted to sell the team, he believes that he could net an even larger return. In fact, Jones believes that the Cowboys are worth up to $10 billion! 

But even with the promise of an unbelievably massive profit, Jones announced late last year that he has absolutely no intention of selling the team that he's been running for decades now.

“We used to have fans call in and I’d answer a question. I’d be mad too. I will tell you right now, the best way to get something done is to have [the question] come straight to me," Jones said last year. "Those same fans know I’ll never sell this team. I sure would welcome the segment. I live with it every day. Let me say this, I’m so sensitive to our fans. I will tell you … you look around, and [see that] rehiring or shuffling out General Managers on top of shuffling out coaches — I haven’t seen that be the secret to success in the league.”