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Latest incident with Antonio Brown leaves fans disappointed

Antonio Brown disappointing fans? Nothing new!

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Fans of the Arena Football League franchise Albany Empire who were anticipating seeing former NFL wide receiver Antonio Brown suit up for the team were left disappointed this weekend. The controversial Brown didn't play after all despite promising that he would.

The average attendance this season for Empire games is around 2,500 fans. However, that attendance nearly doubled at 4,500 in anticipation of Brown playing. The reason for his not playing is because the paperwork for his physical did not come through on time. 

And Brown said that even though he could have overridden that decision as team owner, he decided not to. 

“Stay tuned, AB’s coming. There’s proper procedures you’ve got to do to play football,” Brown told NewsChannel 13’s Rodger Wyland. “You’ve got to pass the coach, the commissioner. You’ve got to be in physical condition. You can’t just pop up, so I’ve got to get my feet wet. We’ve got to get the proper equipment. We’ve got to do the right thing.”

“But I am going to be playing. You didn’t lie. Everything is going to fall in place,” he added.

Does Brown, who last suited up professionally in January of 2022 before his highly publicized and bizarre exit from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, owe the fans who specifically came to see him, more of an explanation than that? 

Source: WNYT