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Latest update on George Pickens' future isn't good

Probably not the news Steelers fans were hoping for.

Michael W.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are hoping for big things from wide receiver George Pickens in what will be his third NFL season, but he'll be in need of a new contract following the 2024 campaign. 

What exactly does the future hold for him? If this prediction from noted Steelers beat writer Ray Fittipaldo of The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette is any indication, the team may not be keen on handing him a hefty extension considering other top wideouts have shown they can perform at a more consistent level.

"I'd argue the Steelers still don't know if they should sign Pickens to a second contract. Based on his 2023 season I think that's a smart approach on their part," Fittipaldo said. "There is more to being a No. 1 WR than making a couple of acrobatic catches and the occasional long TD catch. But I do agree with you on the trade part of this. I wouldn't give up a lot of draft capital and I wouldn't be influenced by the rocketing WR market. That's the big downside from not making a move at the draft. Jefferson signed his big deal after the draft so the contract for any of the top WRs you might acquire in a trade went up too."

“Many No. 1 WRs across the league are more consistent than Pickens”, Fittipaldo argued. “Yes, he had some big games, but he was quiet in others. Was that due to the QB situation? Probably, but he has to finds ways to contribute on a more consistent basis. That’s what No. 1 WRs do in my opinion”.

Last season, he racked up 1,140 yards on 63 receptions with five touchdowns. 

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