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Le'Veon Bell implies potential reunion with Steelers!

Keep your eyes on this one, Steelers fans!

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Does Le'Veon Bell wish things had ended different with the Pittsburgh Steelers? Apparently so.

During a recent appearance on the "Steel Here" podcast, the former Steelers running back admitted that he was "petty" during contract negotiations with the team that would ultimately see him go elsewhere rather than accepting the deal he was offered by the squad that he earned three Pro Bowls and had two All-Pro seasons with.

"Yeah, it was a little petty, the little guarantee stuff," Bell said Friday on the Steel Here podcast regarding his infamous contract dispute. "I'm thinking like, damn, could I have really just ate it? Yeah, I probably could've. Probably could've really ate it."

"We kept going back and forth," he said. "It literally was the guarantee. They weren't budging off of it and I wasn't budging off of it. I didn't want to leave Pittsburgh. At the end of the day, that's where I was at. That's where I got drafted at. Especially after going to different teams and seeing how it is, when a team has their guy, you're their guy. I was Pittsburgh's guy."

Bell would later sign with the New York Jets, but was never the same player. During the same podcast, he absolutely ripped now-former Jets head coach Adam Gase for his play calling. Later, he would enjoy stints playing for the Kansas City Chiefs, Baltimore Ravens and Tampa Bay Buccaneers. He's currently a free agent, but holds no hard feelings towards Pittsburgh.

In fact, he appeared to imply that if he does come back, it will be with the team he got his start with.

"I never officially retired," Bell said. "The day when I do retire, it's gonna be with Pittsburgh. Like, I'm trying to retire with Pittsburgh. But before I do that, I might be like, 'Hey, let me get a couple carries in the preseason so I can show you all something.'

"With the Steelers, I would do the little preseason, like alright, boom boom, but I would not do that anywhere else. Because I don't even think about playing, it literally would only be in Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is where I'll retire, you know what I'm saying, that's just it. Because I already been other places. It's not Pittsburgh."