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Le'Veon Bell issues brutal callout to Steelers RB Najee Harris

Nothing held back.

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The Football Feed

Former Pittsburgh Steelers running back Le'Veon Bell certainly likes to talk about his old team, and he had a particularly brutal message for current running back Najee Harris - he needs to shed some weight. 

“He needs to lose weight,” Bell said, repeating it twice during a late May appearance on the Steel Here podcast. “…He could shed a little bit just so he can be quicker.”

“He’s kind of like how I was when I first came into the league," Bell continued.

And it wouldn't be long before Harris responded on Twitter.

“Bra I weighed 240 last year,” he replied on Twitter. “Reporters really don’t be knowing nothing just be tweeting shit.”

This isn't the first time that Harris has called out reporters for not doing their job as he would like them to. 

“I think they were just bored because Ben retired, so they have nothing to talk about,” he said on All Things Covered with Bryant McFadden and Patrick Peterson on July 25, 2022. “So, somehow it changed to me and my weight. They tried to say something about being Jerome Bettis.”

Back to Bell, the former Steeler was also complimentary of Harris' game.

“He runs like a scat back but not really but like he got like a lot of skip to him,” Bell said. “He jumps over people… He got stuff to him. I like the way he runs.”

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