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LeSean McCoy blasts Steelers QB Justin Fields

The new Steelers QB just can't stop catching criticism.

Michael W.

The tenure of former Chicago Bears quarterback Justin Fields with the Pittsburgh Steelers hasn't exactly gotten off to the greatest of starts, with his accuracy being called out by noted Steelers beat writer Ray Fittipaldo of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. 

He recently said the following about Fields: 

“Fields, from what I’ve seen, they had a month of spring practices and he’s a terrific athlete, but really the knocks against him that I heard coming in actually turned out to be true,” Fittipaldo said according to “He’s not terribly accurate with the ball. His placement isn’t all the great, and I could see them maybe having a package or two for him each week depending on the opponent, but I see this team as Russell Wilson’s team.”

And now, Fields continues to catch criticism - this time from former NFL player and University of Pittsburgh alum LeSean McCoy, who stated in no uncertain terms that he believes Fields just isn't a good quarterback.

"Let's stop acting like we're expecting this guy to go out there and just be this super great quarterback," McCoy said during an appearance on an episode of Speak on Fox Sports 1. "You can't tell me how bad he looked when he played here, played here, and then tell me on the other hand, like, 'Yo, but he could potentially be really, really good.' That don't even add up...He's not a good quarterback."

"I don't want you reading (defenses) a lot," he said. "I don't want you throwing the ball a lot," McCoy continued.

Steelers fans, is the team going to regret bringing aboard Fields? 

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