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Major development on Matt Araiza's case

This changes a lot.

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The Football Feed

He appeared to be on the verge of stardom, especially given his nickname of the "Punt God" and having earned the starter's role on the Buffalo Bills. But all of that came to a crashing halt for Matt Araiza, who faced a shocking allegation of having participated in a gang rape of a 17 year old high school student in 2021 while at San Diego State University.

Meanwhile, the Bills allegedly knew of that for weeks several weeks, yet allowed Araiza to compete in training camp and eventually win a spot on the roster. He would be released after the allegations came to light. 

However, after a 124 day investigation, Araiza was confirmed to have not taken part or even facilitated the horrific attack due to the fact that he had left the scene at least an hour before the assault would have occurred.

“He wasn’t even at the party anymore,” deputy district attorney Trisha Amador explained to the girl. Later Amador stated of the timeline of events, “All I know is that at that point, suspect Araiza is gone from the party.”

Does this mean that NFL teams will be taking a second look at Araiza given this new information? 

Source: Daily Snark