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Major legal update for Dak Prescott

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Michael W.

While there still remains the issue of where Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott will be playing beyond the upcoming 2024 season, one thing that no longer appears in question is the civil claim of sexual assault against him. 

A woman who accused the Cowboys quarterback of sexual assault and demanded $100 million from him to not go to the police has had her case dismissed by Judge Angela Tucker. 

Prescott's attorney stated the following in response: 

“The original lies by [the accuser], her team, and their recent failed attempt to sue him civilly are all just a continuation of their extortion plot against Dak,” Precott's attorney, Levi G. McCathern, said in a statement. “These ploys distract from the trauma of legitimate sexual assault survivors and undermine the progress that our society has made in supporting them.” 

The Dallas Police Department had also previously stated earlier in the year that they would not be pursuing criminal charges against him. 

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Source: WFAA