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Marriott issues shocking accusation at Michael Irvin

Come on, really?

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The Football Feed

Dallas Cowboys legend Michael Irvin was removed from Super Bowl coverage by NFL Network earlier this month after he was accused by an unnamed woman of harassment at a Phoenix-area Marriott hotel; Irvin was reportedly awoken by hotel security and later banned from the premises. 

He later filed a $100 million lawsuit against the hotel chain, saying that he did nothing wrong. He also requested that the security footage from the hotel be released as part of his case in order to prove his innocence.

Well, Marriott is hitting back at Irvin - hard. In their words, he's only fueling the "propaganda machine". 

They've also said that the urgency of his request of the surveillance video being released was simply his way of “litigating in the court of public opinion in an effort to convince the NFL to let him cover the NFL Combine.”

Marriott then continued with the following: “In other words, Plaintiff hopes to obtain the footage so that he can fashion a narrative, feed his propaganda machine, and improperly invite potential jurors to prejudge this matter in his favor… The assertion is smoke without fire.”

In the meantime, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant III has ordered Marriott to release the footage by March 7.