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Micah Parsons accidentally puts Stephen A. Smith into the hospital!

Unintended consequence!

The Football Feed

The Football Feed

Well, that was certainly something that not many people expected! 

Outspoken ESPN host and frequent Dallas Cowboys critic Stephen A. Smith had to get X-rays done on his ankle after being allegedly crossed over during a practice prior to the NBA Celebrity All-Star Game. 

According to Smith's co-host Molly Querin, Smith had to eventually get X-rays: 

“Yesterday, S.A. had to get up to Naptown early and they had a practice, so he started messing around with Micah Parsons of all people, one of the guys on his team,” Qerim said. “Micah crossed him over, and all I know is Stephen A. is at the hospital right now getting X-rays.”

“That damn Micah Parsons is on the basketball court acting like he trying to sack quarterbacks and stuff,” Smith said. “He and I were shooting around. Shooting against one another, and it was some sweat on the floor, and I was about to pull up, just shoot it, I literally bust my a**.”

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Source: Twitter