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Micah Parsons hits back at Cowboys fans

He defended his choice of clothing!

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One of the fiercest rivalries not only in the National Football League but in sports as a whole is the legendary battles between the Dallas Cowboys and Philadelphia Eagles. So naturally, there were more than a few Cowboys fans who weren't exactly pleased to see star LB Micah Parsons at Philadelphia's Wells Fargo Center last night to take in an NBA postseason game between the host Philadelphia 76ers and Boston Celtics. 

Parsons was pictured wearing a Philadelphia Tyrese Maxey jersey, and it wasn't long before Cowboys fans began noticing on social media. But Parsons, who is from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania and attended Penn State before being selected by the Cowboys in Round 1 of the 2021 NFL Draft, would defend his choice of clothing: 

"Maxey from Texas lol!!" he wrote on Twitter. 

That didn't stop multiple fans on Twitter from saying that Parsons is trying to imply that he'd rather be playing for the Eagles: 

"Micah Parsons wants to be in Philly so bad," one account tweeted out. 

"Micah Parsons wants to be an Eagle so badly," said another user on Twitter. 

Source: Fox News