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Mike Florio blasts the Steelers

Their recent move is not sitting well with Florio.

Michael W.

By now, you've surely heard the news that the Pittsburgh Steelers are bringing back controversial CB Cam Sutton, who played last season for the Detroit Lions but was released after an alleged incident of domestic violence. 

For anyone unfamiliar with the specifics of the case, Sutton was alleged to have hit and choked his girlfriend to the point of unconsciousness. He would soon be formally charged with misdemeanor battery after having initially been charged with a felony. 

The fact that the Steelers chose to bring back Sutton into the fold isn't sitting well with Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio, who ripped the Steelers for their decision.

“I don’t get what the Steelers are doing here. Other than saying we had this guy for six years, we got him cheap. He’s a starting corner. We got him cheap. And we’ll just deal with this crap. And it’s a lot of crap,” Florio said. “And it’s a bad look for the Steelers. And it’s a bad look for the Steelers they gave this guy a second chance.”

Additionally, Florio hit back at Sutton's characterization of what transpired as his going through "adversity".

“He’s almost characterizing himself as a victim. ‘We all go through adversity.’ Some adversity is set upon us,” Florio said. “Some adversity we create by the things we do.”

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