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Mike Greenberg tells Dak Prescott to leave Cowboys

Will Dak Prescott re-sign with the Cowboys, or take Greenberg's advice?

Michael W.

While Dallas Cowboys fans continue to speculate with regard to the future of quarterback Dak Prescott with the franchise, one particular figure is advising him to take his talents elsewhere after the conclusion of this season, which also happens to coincide with the final year of his current contract. 

ESPN's Mike Greenberg's advice for Prescott while making an appearance on "The Pat McAfee Show" was to move on from the Cowboys, considering that he'll be able to weigh his best options of teams that would be willing to pay him an incredible amount of cash. 

“I would say to you, I don’t think they get a deal done with Dak Prescott at all,” Greenberg told McAfee. “In football, quarterbacks very rarely find themselves in [unrestricted free agency]. Dak Prescott is one season away from doing exactly that. There’s nothing the Cowboys can do to keep him from becoming that.”

“He’ll be able to choose his spot, choose his salary, half the teams in the league will offer him a trillion dollars, and he can choose where he wants to go,” Greenberg continued. “He’ll have an endless variety of options to choose from… he’ll make a killing. If I’m advising Dak Prescott, I wouldn’t even think of signing a contract this offseason. Play out the year and let the world come to my feet, and they will regardless of how he plays this season.”

Meanwhile, ESPN's Adam Schefter stated his belief that Prescott has the most control of any player regarding his future, and has the potential to "reset the quarterback market" with his next contract that could surpass Joe Burrow's annual salary of $55 million. 

“Let’s be very clear about hometown discounts as they pertain to Dak Prescott,” Schefter said. “There’s not a player in football with more leverage right now than Dak Prescott. He’s heading into the last year of his contract, he can’t be traded, he can’t be tagged. He would be out of his mind to give any type of discount.

“He’s in a position to re-set the quarterback market after the season if Dallas doesn’t have a deal done with him. There’s no player in football with more leverage than Dak Prescott and I would expect him to use it like a hammer, despite the fact that he wants to stay with the hometown Cowboys.”

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Source: Yardbarker