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Mike McCarthy and Cowboys to avoid punishment from NFL

The third time won't be the charm!

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The Dallas Cowboys have been fined by the National Football League two straight years now for going through too much contact during their offseason OTA's, but they're making sure that a third consecutive year of that won't be taking place in 2023.

According to head coach Mike McCarthy, they're dialing back the action in their OTA's in order to avoid the NFL once again fining them. Last season, a skirmish between two players while also not wearing pads led to the League stepping in. Should a third violation occur, the Cowboys could potentially lose a draft pick.

"Our team periods are basically walkthroughs and jogthroughs," McCarthy said before the Cowboys' second OTA of the offseason program. "So we won't have a competitive 11-on-11 drill here probably ever again in the offseason."

"Team drills really are not practical under the guidelines, in my opinion," McCarthy said.

"I mean I'm glad you find humor in it," McCarthy cracked. "My wife and I don't think it's really funny. It's actually a sore spot with me. I'm on camera [or] I'd tell you exactly how I really feel. Gotta follow the rules."

Thankfully there won't be any more repeats of what seemed to be a minor violation of the rules, and the Cowboys and their staff can concentrate on getting themselves prepared to be firing on all cylinders by the time it comes to gather for training camp later in the summer!

Source: ESPN