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Mike McCarthy angry after Cowboys drop preseason opener

The Cowboys dropped the 1st game of their preseason schedule.

Michael Whitaker

The good news is that the Dallas Cowboys are in the NFL's preseason, which means that wins and losses aren't officially official, not to mention the fact that most of the players who will be on the roster during the regular season aren't going to be seeing regular action during the preseason. 

However, the bad news is that penalty trouble once again cost the Cowboys last night against the Denver Broncos, as they dropped a 17-7 decision. A total of 17 penalties that set Dallas back 129 yards was the story of the night, and afterward, head coach Mike McCarthy made no secret that he wasn't exactly happy. 

"It's not good enough football. It's not good enough," he said. "We've gotta be better there. We battled through some penalty situations but we have to make sure we get all these substitutions [and] get everybody in the game."

"I think we all recognize that this isn't the regular season," McCarthy continued. "I understand your question, (but) last year was last year. I think last year as far as trying to establish a play style and an identity, it took us a while to get that and once we did, we won a number of games. This is really the starting point that you go through every year."

"This is preseason. I don't think this has anything to do with last year. But I didn't like the number of penalties. I made it clear. I talked about it at halftime and I talked about it briefly in there (the locker room). We'll take a long look at it."

The Cowboys will continue their preseason schedule next week against the Los Angeles Chargers.