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Mike Tomlin confirms the Steelers wanted some goons”

The Steelers head coach had some explicit words!

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The Football Feed

The 2023 NFL Draft is officially a wrap, and the Pittsburgh Steelers have four new players on the defensive side of the ball amongst their seven total selections. First, take a look at the total list of Steelers picks below: 

And if these words from head coach Mike Tomlin are any indication, he wanted some "goons" on his team. According to defensive tackle Keeanu Benton, whom the Steelers made their 3rd overall pick out of Wisconsin, Tomlin said he was taken because the team "needs some goons" out there. 

Tomlin himself would later confirm what he said, while joking that in the future he'll have to keep his conversations with the players more private: 

“That’s an accurate description, but I’ll give him media training so he can keep some of our private conversations private," Tomlin said with a smile

Steelers fans, how do you feel about the overall haul that Pittsburgh brought in to the Steel City in the 2023 NFL Draft?