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Mike Tomlin sounds off on Matt Canada's firing

The Steelers made a major change.

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The Pittsburgh Steelers parted ways with offensive coordinator Matt Canada after he failed to ever reach 400 yards in any of the 45 games of his tenure, while the 31 other NFL teams were able to do so at least four times. It brings to a close an era in Steelers football that mostly saw frustration from the fans, along with frustrating results on the offensive side of the ball. 

For head coach Matt Canada, the decision wasn't an easy one. 

“Obviously, the decision was done with a lot of thought.” Tomlin said of his decision. “I embrace the responsibility of leading and safeguarding those that choose to work with you. And sometimes when you make decisions like this, you feel dirty because you feel like you’re assigning blame or scapegoating someone, and that is not my desire, that’s not the spirit in which I move. But at the same time, I acknowledge this as a result-oriented business."

"And to be quite honest with you, the improvements were not fast or fluid enough for us to continue. So we made the change.”

The Steelers will be taking on the Cincinnati Bengals tomorrow afternoon with running backs coach Eddie Faulkner taking Canada's role on an interim basis while quarterbacks coach Mike Sullivan will be responsible for in-game play calls. 

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