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NFL analyst has major prediction for Steelers' T.J. Watt

It's going to be a major season for Watt!

Michael W.

The Pittsburgh Steelers are gearing up for training camp later this month, and there are several new notable faces on the team that include the likes of quarterbacks Russell Wilson and Justin Fields. 

However, if this prediction from Eric Endholm of holds any weight, it will be defensive captain T.J. Watt who will be the team's most valuable player this season instead of Wilson: 

“The quarterback play should be better in Pittsburgh, one way or another,” Edholm wrote. “But I can’t put enough of my weight behind either Russell Wilson or Justin Fields to go with either here. Watt is the easier selection as the centerpiece of a very good defense that will remain the superior side on this team.

“Last season was another brilliant one from Watt, whose next big milestone could be passing the 100-sack mark before he turns 30 years old in October. Short of a major injury, I can’t see how he doesn’t dominate again in 2024, surrounded by a strong supporting cast and working with an offense that’s better but still the lesser of the two major units on this team.”

Not only has Watt been the leader of the Steelers defense, but he's also proven himself to be one of the most important players to any NFL team at any position. Naturally, the success that Pittsburgh can enjoy in 2024 will depend in large part on his performance.

The Steelers are hoping that Watt, who missed several games last season due to injury, can avoid getting hurt again and play a full season.

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Source: On3